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Wedding Guest in 2013? What to wear!


When you receive an invitation to a Maine wedding, you may be uncertain how the Maine bride and her groom want you to dress. Some invitations provide guidelines by specifying that the attire is formal or semi-formal. If the couple wants guests to wear tuxedos, gowns or fancy cocktail dresses, the invitation will say “black tie."

Appropriate accessories with women’s formal attire can include a small, dressy purse and a shawl. Some Maine wedding venues may be chilly inside. A wrap or pashmina will help female guests look elegant while it provides extra warmth.

Male guests attending a formal affair should wear a black tuxedo. An old tuxedo can be updated with a fresh shirt or new tie. Tuxedos can be worn with satin, traditional ties or bow ties. Pants can be accessorized with cummerbunds or suspenders, so you can personalize the tuxedo to your taste. Invest in tuxedo shoes and socks. Attractive studs will complete the outfit, or choose a shirt that requires cufflinks.

Frequently, an invitation does not state how guests should dress for the Maine wedding. Therefore, guests must rely on the appearance of the invitation, the time of the Maine ceremony and the location of the Maine wedding venue when choosing their outfits.

Indoor evening weddings that do not specify a particular dress code are usually semi-formal. Women can wear a cocktail dress or dressy suit. Men should wear a dark suit with a coordinating tie and shirt. Male guests at an afternoon semi-formal wedding should arrive in a suit, and women should wear a dress or suit.

Smaller weddings that are outdoors or at a beach are likely to be informal. Invitations will appear more casual for these weddings. Men can wear a sports jacket and slacks during the day or a suit at night. Women can wear a cocktail dress during the evening or a casual dress for an afternoon Maine wedding.

Other Tips for Wedding Guest Attire

Dress tastefully, and be considerate of the bride. Avoid wearing an outfit that will compete with the bride’s gown.

If the wedding is outdoors, select shoes and an outfit that is appropriate for the Maine wedding venue and the weather. For example, high heels may not be comfortable on a sandy beach.

If you are still deliberating about your attire, remember a classic dress or a dark suit will be appropriate for most Maine weddings.

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